Unique programs at Tkuma Institute for Holocaust Studies

The Tkuma Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies in Dnipropetrovsk is widely known throughout Ukraine and abroad for its work devoted to Jewish history in Ukraine, Holocaust studies, and the problems of international relations.

Since its inception the Tkuma Institute has been actively involved in publishing scientific monographs and textbooks, and conducting international scientific conferences and educational seminars.

As well, domestically Tkuma implements many cultural and educational projects. These include Sunday university and the Dnipro historical club.

Sunday University take place every third Sunday of the month and address issues in Jewish history, the history of Ukraine and World History.

In 2012 and 2013 lectures, conversations and “round tables were scheduled on a variety of topics designed to deepen understanding of the origins of xenophobia, the background of the Holocaust, and the causes of religious confrontations.

The main objective of the project is to cultivate an attitude of tolerance and cross-cultural understanding. At Sunday University there are also lessons on Jewish traditions, philosophy, psychology, and other topic of a cultural and historical nature.

The idea of the “Sunday University” lectures series at “Tkuma” is not new. Dr. Igor Shchupak, Director of the Institute and Museum, had conducted similar programs in different cities and countries. The opening of the Museum at the Tkuma Institute provided an ideal platform for Sunday University in Dnipropetrovsk.

Classes are held in the form of interactive lectures, conversations, “round tables”, interviews, tours, and workshops. They are conducted by research staff historians, philosophers, political scientists, religious scholars from Ukraine and around the world.

Sunday University attracts a diverse audience of people from different professions, ages and faiths.
The Dnipro historical club is another project of the Tkuma Institute. It is carried out in collaboration with the Institute for Social Research.

The project has attracted the attention of historians, teachers, college students and the intellectual elite of the city.

The History Club was created as a place for professional and amateur historians to meet in an informal setting. At these meetings, well-known domestic and foreign researchers are invited, and professional historians raise topical issues of historical memory of the Jewish and Ukrainian peoples.

The main objective of the project is to transcend the centuries-old negative stereotypes, and address the painful questions of collective historical memory that impede the full integration of the Jewish community as an integral and important part of Ukrainian society.

For more information, visit the Institute’s website.

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