Newest (and best ever) song by Ludwig

My British Ukrainian-Irish friend, Ludwig, released a new song in May 2014 … arguably his best ever.

Featuring his lovely daughters on back-up vocals.

It’s a very powerful message as well as a beautiful song.

So please share if you like it.

Condemnation! Condemnation!

Doesn’t change the situation

Putin – Hitler of today

Who knows his final destination?

Now they all “express concern”

The situation is “unstable”

And they say we should return

To the negotiation table.

Ever heard the terms “Invasion”

Occupation, Annexation, Indecision, all resulting in

Complete capitulation?

Then they’ll all repeat their lies

Again to try to justify

That for the greater good of all

A country’s freedom was denied.

So, as was many times before

We’ve got to see this to the end

To stand together, yet alone

Our nations freedom to defend.

They say the times have changed

But if we’re talking of Ukraine

Stalin’s, Hitler’s and now Putin’s

Real intentions stay the same.

Be sure of this you “leaders”

Of the west, you’ll have to see,

Your cowardice in history

Recalled eternally.

Your children and descendants

Will disown you and your names,

Ashamed that you betrayed

A sovereign country called Ukraine.

Democracy dependent

On dictatorship is here

The gas they give you heats you

But you have to live in fear

So free yourselves from all

The Devil Putin has to sell

Then we can tell him “leave us be

And crawl back into Hell”.


There’s two kinds of people that we’ve got in this world

There’s those that fight for change

And those who find the reasons it’s got to stay the same.

There’s two kinds of people that we’ve got in this world

Those that fight for truth

And those who find the reasons there’s nothing you can do.

So which of them are you?

© Stepan Pasicznyk 2014

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