Live performance of Holodomor: Murder by Starvation in Victoria online

Thanks to CHLY Radio Malaspina in Nanaimo for recording the live performance of Holodomor: Murder by Starvation by Father Edward Danylo Evanko.

It took place in Victoria on Saturday, November 16. The recording is available in two parts:

Part 1 (17:52)
Part 2  (59:21)

Father Edward’s series of performances of the play this year are part of the 80th anniversary commemorations of the Holodomor – the famine-genocide in which 7-10 million Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death by Stalin’s communist regime in 1932-33. (Holodomor in Ukrainian translates literally as “death by starvation.”)

The western media, in particular, the New York Times, helped Stalin to cover it up … while it was happening, and for decades after. The NYT in fact awarded the Pulitzer Prize to the journalist who deliberately lied about in print, yet admitted the truth “off the record.”

The NYT refuses to revoke the award, and to this day many journalists, as well as academics and politicians, still refuse to acknowledge the Holodomor, or dispute the facts about it.

Thanks to the good folks at CHLY for being better than that, and providing a venue for the truth to be broadcast.

Father Edward is currently on tour across Canada with his play. The schedule and info about the actor-turned-priest can be found at his website. Eyewitness testimonies at Share The Story. Several films are available on DVD, including the excellent Hollywood-produced Holodomor: Ukraine’s Genocide.

This is Holodomor Awareness Week. Please support those who are working so hard to raise awareness. Share these links, and invite a friend, neighbour or colleague along with you to a commemorative event… and to light a candle at 1932 (7:32 pm) this Saturday.

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