Canadian students explore Ukrainian contribution to Parliament and multiculturalism

Canada’s Parliament Education Forum is a unique educational leadership event for high school and university age students from across Canada.

Students participate in an exciting five day exploration of the Ukrainian contribution to Canada’s Parliament and to our Canadian Policy and Legislation on Multiculturalism. It gives young leaders the opportunity to learn how our government touches the lives of Ukrainian Canadians, and how our Ukrainian community has helped build the Canadian nation and Canada’s multicultural society.

The second annual forum took place from November 20-24, 2013 in Ottawa. It was hosted by the Paul Yuzyk Institute For Youth Leadership, in collaboration with the UNF Ottawa-Gatineau branch.

Borys Gengalo explained the program to Nash Holos listeners prior to the event, and provided a brief report by email:

The Paul Yuzyk Youth Institute program at parliament was a success this year, with our optimum number, 10, participating.  It was a great success.

MP Ted Opitz and Senator Reynell Andreychuk hosted the group to a long lunch and discussion in the parliamentary restaurant, with MP Malcolm Allen dropping by to join in. Peggy Nash, Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition, spoke with the group in the conference room attached to the Leader of the Official opposition’s office.  There were also individual visits with other MPs and Senators.

As well, there were briefings and study sessions on the  Ukrainian Canadian Congress (Executive Director Taras Zalusky)  how the government really works (Paul Migus, former ADM and Program Director of PYYI Ottawa), Ukrainian Canadian history and tours of relevant sites in Ottawa (me, the Instructor) and Ukrainian Canadian art (Andriy Sawchuk).

Although we had no participants from BC, we are hoping we will next year.

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Listen to the interview here.

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