Shevchenko’s Zapovit – Redux

Digging around in the audio archives I came across this still-timely piece I recorded back in March of 1996 … during the first incarnation of Nash Holos.

My co-hosts then were Bohdan Zajcew and Eugene Lupynis, who put up with me from June 1990- June 96. After we disbanded the show took a 4-year hiatus. It returned to the airwaves in 2000 on a different station and, unfortunately, without them.

It aired today on the Nanaimo edition of Nash Holos, featuring my new co-hosts, Romchyk and Tetiana.

This piece holds very fond memories for me of that wonderful time.


Running time: 4:31.

Listen or download: Zapovit by Pawlina – 1996.


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