Greetings from a Ukrainian radio fan in Australia

Greetings from a Ukrainian radio fan in Australia

Hello Pawlina,
Found this site (your station) some while back this year and listen when
time permits. Love the cookbook stuff! The wife gets some hints off it
also. I live in Brisbane and our Multicultural Community radio is on the
web.The Ukrainian group of Brisbane broadcasts on Sundays 1:45 until 3:15pm
EST Australia  and can be accessed at this
. Congratulations on a wonderful show! Now to buy a mp3 player
for use away from the house/car …

– Steve Dunchouk (Стефан  Даньчук)

Dear Steve,

So glad you found us and enjoy the show! Also glad you and the missus find
the cooking segment helpful. Thanks for the info on the Ukie radio show down
under. It’s amazing how technology can bring us all together from all corners
of the globe! (So to speak.) Good luck shopping for your mp3 player. They’re
not very expensive and extremely handy (I have a couple myself). Thanks again
for writing in!

– Pawlina

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