Desperately seeking CD

Desperately seeking CD

Dear Pawlina, On 9/9/12 I heard the following song on your radio station.
Ой на горі ярмарок – Susidy. I would love to buy a copy of this CD by Susidy;
however, after searching online unable to find it. Can you suggest where
I could find this cd? I am Ukrainian and Bylerussian. I am so happy to have
found your radio station. I love it!!!!!

-Helen Bellandi

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Thanks Helen, so glad you enjoy the show! I agree, it is a great tune, and
a great rendition! I purchased the CD, Гоп стоп Канада, in Ukraine a couple
of months ago, at a gas station. The CD was recorded back in 2005 and it’s
not widely distributed. However, I did manage to track down the group’s website,
and most of the tracks are available for download, including this one. Here’s
the link:

Enjoy! And please do let them know how much you like their music … and
where you heard it first. 🙂




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