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Since 2002, Nash Holos podcasts have been available for download free of charge. If you appreciate this service,  and would like to help ensure it continues, why not:

1. Make a donation. No amount is too large or too small. (A big chom to those who have made a donation in the past!) If you can afford it, $60 a year, which comes to $5 a month, would be a great help and very much appreciated. If not, how about a cup of coffee from time to time? It gets lonely doing radio sometimes! If you send cash, I might be able to buy *you* a coffee when we meet! (The Donate button is just to your right.)

2. Advertise on Nash Holos. If you run a business or non-profit organization and have special promotions or events coming up, advertise it on the show. It’s a great way to let your fellow listeners know about it! Getting to know each other better will only strengthen our community. And radio is the advertising industry’s best kept secret – it’s the most intimate and cost-effective medium in the business. Digital audio

3. Shop Ukrainian. A cost-free way to support the show is to do your online shopping from the Nash Holos website. Just click on one of the featured items in the right or left column on the website, or click on the US or Canada store in the menu. Then, if you make a purchase, Amazon will direct a small commission to Nash Holos. More and more Ukrainian authors, musicians, and artists are selling their products on Amazon. So if you buy them via the Nash Holos website, instead of via another website, you will be supporting Ukrainian artists as well as the show … at no additional cost to you.

Remember the old Ukrainian saying … Свій до свого! (Translation: Support our own!)


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