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Showcasing the best in Ukrainian Canadiana!

  • Ukrainian Food Flair—Tips for Ukrainian Cooking
  • Ukrainian Jewish Heritage
  • Knyzhka Corner Book Reviews
  • Victor’s Vignettes – stories about growing up in soviet times
  • Interviews with authors, artists, community leaders, dignitaries, and other interesting individuals
  • Ukrainian cultural and historical trivia
  • Contemporary and traditional Ukrainian music by artists from Ukraine, Canada, the U.S. and around the world

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Vancouver Podcast


Ukrainian Jewish Heritage: The historic Jewish community of Dubno • News from Ukraine (courtesy Ukraine Today) • Statement by the Honourable Rob Nicholson, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs on Canada's most recent military aid to Ukraine • Proverb of the Week • Great Ukrainian music! Read More...


Ukrainian Food Flair recipe: Spring salad • Ukrainian Jewish Heritage: Bruno Schulz • Rushnychok Story: Mother's Day tribute • News from Ukraine (courtesy Ukraine Today) • Proverb of the week • Great Ukrainian music on a Mother's Day theme! Artists: Todaschuk Sisters • Sonia • Cheremshyna • Ot Vinta • Evan McIntyre & Read More...


Ukrainian Food Flair recipe: Eggplant Odessa • News from Ukraine (courtesy Ukraine Today) • Ukrainian Proverb of the Week • Other items of interest • Great Ukrainian music! Artists: Tyt i Tam  • Trembita • Millenia • Sich • Cheremshyn • By Request • Lemko Read More...

Ukrainian Jewish Heritage


A grandfather taught his grandson the Jewish alphabet and read him poems in Yiddish. Shortly before his death, he tied all the Jewish books into a pile, and threw them onto the very top shelf of a cabinet. He believed that nobody would ever need Read More...

Ukrainian Jewish Heritage - Babyn Y...

Babyn Yar is a ravine on the outskirts of Kyiv that has become a symbol of the Holocaust. There more than 100 thousand perished during the Nazi occupation, including 40,000 Jews. Babyn Yar was first mentioned in historical accounts in 1401, in connection with its sale Read More...

Ludwig Rosenberg (a.k.a. Volodymyr ...

The Legion of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (Січові Стрілці) in Ukrainian, was the first Ukrainian military unit of the 20th century. The Sich fought on the side of Austria-Hungary, with dreams of an independent Ukraine in the near future. Among the Sich Riflemen were many Ukrainians Read More...

Blog Posts


Ukrainian Jewish Heritage: A new Yiddish-Ukrainian dictionary is published • Victor's Vignettes: Recalling Kyiv April 26, 1986 • News from Ukraine: Courtesy Ukraine Today • Feature Interview: James Bezan, Parliamentary Secretary to Canada's Minister of Defence • Proverb of the week • Other items of Read More...

Ukrainian Proverb of the Week

Щоб волю мати, треба спершу себе об`єднати. Freedom is built on unity. - Ukrainian proverb Read More...

▶ Hutsul Cup Song Instructions

OK then. If you enjoyed the Cherry Band performing the Hutsul Cup song and would like to try your hand at it with some friends, here are the instructions. In Ukrainian, but if you're Ukrainian-impaired, just watch closely, follow your instincts, and do what they do. Read More...

Knyzhka Corner — Book Review...

Book Review: Orwell and the Refugee...

Andrea Chalupa’s Orwell and the Refugees traces the amazing connection between George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm and Ukrainian refugees in the displaced persons camps of postwar Germany and Austria. Animal Farm carries the message of hope that someone in the West knew the truth Read More...

Review: Putin's Putsches

In this edition of Knyzka Corner: Maria Lewytzkyj’s book Putin’s Putsches – Russia, Ukraine and the Near-Abroad Conflict. Maria Lewytzkyj defines “Putsch” as “a violent attempt to overthrow a government.” She explains that Vladimir Putin’s “hybrid war” against Ukraine is a blatant attempt to destabilize the current Read More...

Knyzhka Corner Book Review: Sliding...

SLIDING ON THE SNOW STONE. Szpuk, Andy. That Right Publishing, 2011. 238 p. ISBN 1466305681   When Andy Szpuk asked his father about his earliest memory, he replied, “Russian soldiers carrying corpses away.” After hearing about his father’s life, Szpuk decided that this story must be told. Sliding on Read More...