Interview – Alti Rodal

The Ukrainian Jewish Encounter (UJE), a privately organized multinational initiative launched in 2008 as a collaborative project to promote deeper mutual comprehension and solidarity between Ukrainians of Jewish, Christian and other heritages. It is based in Toronto and engages scholars, civic leaders, artists, governments and the broader public throughout Ukraine, Israel and the diasporas.

Recently UJE organized a conference in Ukraine on propaganda and genocide, which I was able to attend thanks to the organization’s generosity. UJE organizes many conferences that facilitate broader dialogue and understanding, as well as public education projects.

One such project is an exhibition entitled A Journey Through the Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter: From Antiquity to 1914, which was created by UJE and co-funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The multi-media travelling community exhibition premiered in Toronto at the Schwartz/Reisman Centre in Vaughan in May and is currently on display at the Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre in Winnipeg, where it opened on Monday, June 15, 2015.

Alti Rodal, Co-Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter Initiative, kindly agreed to tell Nash Holos listeners about this innovative exhibit.

Interview – Cheryl Madden

Cheryl Madden, award-winning American specialist on the Holodomor discusses a recent Verizon ad denigrating Ukrainian dance, the security breaches she had experienced with her Verizon internet service over the past 12 years, and her harrowing experiences with the Russian federation regarding her work on the Holodomor.

In 2008 Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko presented Chery Madden with the Ukrainian national award The Order of Princess Olha for her research and for raising public awareness of the Holodomor — Stalinist genocide by forced starvation in Ukraine from 1932-33.

Cheryl Madden compiled an annotated bibliography of English language sources on the Holodomor for the Shevchenko Scientific Society. It was dedicated to the Ukrainian schoolchildren of the class that never was.

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