Sambir cemetary

Sambir is an administrative centre for the Lviv region, or Raion, located 73 kilometers from the city of Lviv. Founded in 1199, Sambir has a rich Jewish history, little of which remains. The first mention of Jews living in Sambir dates back to 1447.Over the years, conflicts between Christian and Jewish merchants arose. This led to royal decrees in the mid-fifteen hundreds restricting Jews from trading or living […]

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Synagogue in Zhovkva

Zhovkva is a beautiful and extraordinary town located 25 kilometers from Lviv … an easy day trip away. From its earliest days, Zhovkva’s population was a mix of Poles, Ukrainians and Jews. Today the towan’s architectural, historical and cultural diversity make it popular with tourists. More than 27,000 visited last year. Zhovkva was founded in […]

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